All month long, we are focusing on digital transformation. Drawing on our experience of helping countless organizations on their own digital transformation journey, these posts serve as a great starting point as you begin to plan for change. Previous post in this series:
Become an Agent for Change

You’ve developed a vision for your digital transformation, you’ve chosen the technology you need to be able to do it, and you’re committed to preparing your organization for the coming changes. Now plan to use analytics to help streamline complicated processes and remove roadblocks for your employees so they can innovate quicker and help your business grow.

How to Use Data Analytics

The ability to collect and process more data than ever before is one of the major benefits of digital growth. Analyzing data can bring you groundbreaking insights from the ever-increasing volume of information you collect on your customers and your business. By analyzing data patterns, conclusions can be drawn and better insights gained, ultimately leading to better business decision making, both internally and externally.

Recognizing the Right Data

The key to using data analytics is understanding which data is relevant to which area of the business, and how these things match up to your objectives. Is your goal to build a better customer relationship cycle? Use your data to measure current customer touchpoints and find where they can be improved. If you are missing information or have a lapse in data in a certain area of your organization, make sure the technology you choose can provide it.

Start small and build your experience. Collaborative companies leverage technology to gather insights from other lines of business, when outside perspective is essential, then use that information to change processes. Using analytics in a targeted way will enable you to familiarize your business with the solutions needed.

You’ve selected a vision, you’ve explored options for technology, and you’re prepared to lead and drive change within your organization. Ready to begin your digital transformation journey? Take our Digital Transformation assessment and see how ready you are.

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