All month long, we are focusing on digital transformation. Drawing on our experience of helping countless organizations on their own digital transformation journey, these posts serve as a great starting point as you begin to plan for change. Previous post in this series:
Build Your Vision with the Right Technology

Now that you’ve decided on a vision for your digital transformation and selected the technology you want to implement, you need to consider how this will affect your organization’s day-to-day operations, and how you can ensure you are getting the most out of the new technology.

Manage Change Effectively Within Your Digital Transformation

For your digital transformation to be a success, it is critical to not overlook the most important element—the human factor. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and your success will be thanks to their involvement and engagement in the process. Employees must understand the value of what you are trying to achieve and be engaged with the coming changes.

Lead Change Within Your Organization

Change needs to come from the top. If employees see their managers embracing new technology and methods, it will be harder to reject. Forming a team to lead the change can be a great way to create urgency and give the project the right authority. Practice what you preach! A great motivating factor for change is a pressing need for it. For example, “If we don’t change, the business may not be able to keep pace with, or outdo the competition.” If you can convey to colleagues how crucial change is, your teams will go about it with much greater emphasis and urgency. However, leading change isn’t enough. You need to provide resources to your employees to ensure they don’t feel left behind.

Provide a Helping Hand

It’s important to provide resources for your employees, and to communicate the changes coming to your organization. Training for new technologies and processes will help employees understand the benefits they provide, as well as introducing the tools and solutions formally. Successful adoption is paramount. Digital transformation is about enabling your employees not to simply work with the tools available, but empowering them to make the tools work for them.

Depending on the technology you are implementing, making the new solution or platform central to your teams’ working day is an important way to enhance employee interaction. Providing perks and other rewards for using a new system can boost employee motivation to make the initial steps towards adoption. For example, low cost giveaways, such as gift cards, are extremely effective and go hand in hand with your adoption plan.

Technology proficiency will go a long way towards digital transformation success, but to really understand the impact your changes are making, you need to also take advantage of the insights gained from “Big Data,”

Next week, we’ll look at how you can leverage data from your organization’s digital transformation to change and improve the experiences for both your employees and customers.

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