This year, Vitalyst marks its 25th anniversary—a significant milestone in the company’s evolution and a remarkable accomplishment as well, considering the changes that have taken place in business over the past quarter of a century.

When Vitalyst opened for business on July 6, 1992, email was new, floppy disks were the standard, and turnaround times for tasks were usually expressed in business days, not hours. The idea that expert support for technology was necessary for employees to stay productive was just that—an idea that hadn’t yet caught on.

In the subsequent 25 years, advances in technology upended organizational structures, changed the definition of work and presented enormous challenges to employees, business leaders, and companies like ours. (See a timeline of Vitalyst history here.)

Despite all the changes that have taken place, one thing has remained a constant in business: The employee’s need for support and training to get the most out of the technology. Demographics may have changed and updates may come more frequently, but employees and their proficiency with technology are still key to business success.

For us, we believe that reaching the 25-year milestone is a testament to our core value proposition: Contributing to increased knowledge worker adoption and proficiency of technology by providing just-in-time support and modern training for the fundamental office applications and tools they use every day.

Over the years, Vitalyst has become, and remains, a stable, vibrant and special organization. Today, the company employs nearly 250 people and supports more than 400 companies of all sizes.

SIDEBAR: We asked Vitalyst employees which technology ushered them into the digital age.
Read their responses below.

As we head into the future—chin-deep in digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution—and help our clients and customers to do the same, we will continue to believe in the idea that inspired this company’s genesis—No matter how big the promise is, no matter how much you invest in technology, the return you see will be based upon how well people embrace the technology, and how proficiently they can use it.


We asked Vitalyst employees which technology ushered them into the digital age. Here are some of their responses:

  • My first experience with the Information Age was participating in and finally moderating/administering a dial-up BBS in my hometown.
  • Using Word Perfect for DOS to create journal articles.
  • I was ushered into ‘digital’ as a child by movies and TV—mostly spy movies and, most importantly, Inspector Gadget’s niece with her computer in a book.
  • Installing and playing the original Doom from a floppy disk on my 486.
  • The modem.
  • Getting work email on my smartphone, which was a Motorola Q!
  • Writing instructions for a 3D milling machine on an Apple IIe. It was simple things like giving it X, Y and Z coordinates for each move and, in the end, we wound up with a 3D designed piece.
  • My father lugging around a giant, early model cell phone in a bag.
  • Dial-up AOL to IM with friends, join chat rooms, or play trivia games.
  • Using a Compaq ‘luggable’ to work from home.
  • Prodigy, the first internet service at home.
  • My first Palm Pilot.
  • Researching my senior paper for Advanced Comp class. Looking for information on the “World Wide Web” in reference to Louis XVI and everything was in French.
  • I’ve always been ‘digital.’ I guess I’d have to say it was my Atari 1200XL home computer from the ‘80s. Before that, maybe Speak and Spell 🙂

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