Our goal as a company is, and has always been, to deliver a positive experience to each and every customer we help, and get them back on the road to productivity. Customer Service Week 2016For nearly 25 years, we have worked to achieve that goal by putting processes and programs in place that ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service—recent efforts include commissioning a Voice of the Customer survey, and instituting a number of new programs based on the results; and adopting a Customer Experience (CX) philosophy to differentiate ourselves and ensure that we maintain positive client relationships through outstanding service delivery.

As a result, our customer satisfaction rating—NPS 87—is best in class for our industry. It’s an honor, and one that wouldn’t be possible without our employees, who are critical to our success. They are the people who work to solve customers’ problems instead of simply ending calls, who help customers achieve their goals, and who consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

No matter which department they work in, our employees ensure that the relationships we have with customers are rich and meaningful.

This year we celebrate Customer Service Week by highlighting some of the people who make our company what it is today. This week, our blog will feature some of our on-demand advisors, the ones who answer the phone when users call, day or night, who help resolve critical issues with speed and professionalism, who provide tips for more efficient ways of working, and who share their knowledge to help amplify users’ productivity.

Happy Customer Service Week, and thank you to all of our employees.

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