This year we celebrate Customer Service Week by highlighting some of the people who make our company what it is today. All week, our blog will feature some of our on-demand advisors, the ones who answer the phone when customers call, day or night, who help resolve critical issues with speed and professionalism, who provide tips for more efficient ways of working, and who share their knowledge to help amplify customers’ productivity. Happy Customer Service Week!



Please describe one new thing you learned from a customer since you started working at Vitalyst.
I’ve learned that working with customers and rapidly changing technologies means I need to keep on my toes. In every situation, even if I feel like I fully understand it, I still want more details in case the unexpected happens.

What does “customer experience” mean to you?
Customer experience, in one word, to me means “understanding.” Really, it’s all we do. Having a high level of knowledge so you can be ready for most issues is great, but customers want to feel like calls are moving at their pace. Understanding and listening are key to delivering the best kind of customer experience.

What are some of the approaches you use to deliver excellent customer service?
I like to learn as much as I can from customers. Listening to how people react to problems or to new ways of doing things helps me determine how to handle a call so they can take back as much information as possible. Some customers can be positive and easy to work with, while others can be frustrated and more challenging. For me, the first step is realizing that everyone is an individual and they don’t all think the same. For example, frustrated customers often just want someone to listen to them.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Photo: Captain Planet Foundation, © 2009 TBS Productions, Inc.)

Please share a little-known fact about yourself.
I like to draw and write—it’s all amateur, but still a hobby. I keep most of my work to myself. I also used to weld, both as a hobby and while I was in the Navy.

What is your personal motto?
Measure twice, cut once.

Which song best describes you?
“Captain Planet and the Planeteers” theme song

56% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service today than they had just one year ago. This jumps to 68% for consumers ages 18-34. (source)

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