This year we celebrate Customer Service Week by highlighting some of the people who make our company what it is today. All week, our blog will feature some of our on-demand advisors, the ones who answer the phone when customers call, day or night, who help resolve critical issues with speed and professionalism, who provide tips for more efficient ways of working, and who share their knowledge to help amplify customers’ productivity. Happy Customer Service Week!



Please describe one new thing you learned from a customer since you started working at Vitalyst.
I’ve learned from several customers that the key to providing a great customer experience is patience. When you’re patient, customers can sense it and seem to be more at ease. It also helps you to resolve problems faster.

What does “customer experience” mean to you?
Customer experience is more than just a single interaction—it’s the relationship between the organization and the customer.

SkydiveWhat are some of the approaches you use to deliver excellent customer service?
Being understanding and empathetic, building rapport with customers, and by doing more than what is expected.

Please share a little-known fact about yourself.
I like to participate in extreme sports—mainly skydiving.

What is your personal motto?
You don’t know your possibilities until you chart the depths of the impossible.

Which song best describes you?
“Real” by Of Mice & Men


Customers are nearly 5 times more loyal when they feel valued than when they feel annoyed (SOURCE)

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