At Vitalyst, diversity and inclusion are among our top priorities. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is more innovative, competitive, efficient, productive, and satisfied. As a technology company, we are aware of the gender and diversity gaps in our own industry and overall, and we are committed to doing our part to help close those gaps.

The most recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that women represent 47 percent of the overall workforce, and 26 percent in computing positions. At Vitalyst, we are right in line with the industry average at 26 percent.

Although the percentage of women in tech positions today is lower than the 36 percent recorded in 1991, in the last six years it has jumped up 2 points. This gain is encouraging, but there’s still much work to be done.

How can it happen? There’s no simple answer, but we’re putting our faith into the many efforts, big and small, that women and men from all backgrounds take throughout the year—especially during March, which is Women’s History Month.

In observation of Women’s History Month, our blog will feature the perspectives of some of our own female employees—we will publish posts written by women who work in different departments of the company about their experience at the annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women, which was recently held in Philadelphia. Over the next four weeks, they will tell us what they learned and how they hope to apply it to their jobs.

Images from the Pennsylvania Conference for Women

From top left: Attendee writes on chalkboard; Leymah Gbowee; Marquesha Babers; Carli Lloyd; a welcoming reception; and panel with Monica Malpass, Gloria Steinem, Jessica Alba and John Jacobs. Images by PA Conference for Women.

The conference is a nonprofit, non-partisan, one-day gathering that brings in esteemed speakers who share their inspirational stories and lead seminars on issues that matter to women. The event featured Liberian peace activist and Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee, pro women’s soccer player Carli Lloyd, co-founder and “chief creative optimist” of The Life is Good Company, John Jacobs, legendary women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, actor and founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, best-selling cookbook author Rachael Ray, and poet and ambassador for the film “Girl Rising” Marquesha Babers.

With this series, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring women within our own workforce and recognizing the steps they are taking to make an impact.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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