Thousands of people have converged upon Philadelphia and the region this week to swap ideas, share knowledge, grill mayoral candidates about their technology innovation positions, and pose for some very cool 3D-printed selfies.

Behold the new selfie: NRI 3DLab Philadelphia's 3D-printed selfies.

Behold the new selfie: NRI 3DLab Philadelphia’s 3D-printed selfies.

The occasion is Philly Tech Week 2015, which celebrates innovation and technology with more than 150 workshops, conferences, presentations, meetups and more. The event, which is now in its fifth year, is organized by Philly, an online tech-focused news and events publication, and is presented by Comcast.

In a preview article about the event, Christopher Wink, Technically Philly’s editorial director and co-founder, noted that this year’s unofficial theme is “innovation legacy,” or how to make change last.

Wink explained: “To make it last, we need to build and defend processes for building a future workforce—robotics clubs and coding classes and entrepreneurial programs for everyone. We need to demand more of our current leaders—better businesses and smarter policies. We need to transition our collective mindset, too—building a tech community will reach a logical conclusion, but building for the future is by definition a task without end.”

So far, 2015’s event has made progress toward that goal. For the mayoral forum, which was held on Monday, hundreds of people crammed into the Free Library to hear five of the six democratic candidates for Philadelphia mayor answer a handful of tech-related questions from panelists. (Read how they did in the Philadelphia Daily News and in Philly.)

Building for the future—helping people use technology to find more efficient, smarter ways of getting things done—is what drives this company, and we’re excited about Philly Tech Week and what it hopes to accomplish.

Philly Tech Week 2015 runs through this Saturday (April 25, 2015). Don’t miss Friday’s Signature Event from 7:30-10 p.m. at the Comcast Center.

There’s also still time to get a 3D-printed selfie—“3D Print Me Philly: Powered by NRI 3DLab Philadelphia” runs from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. through Saturday. See event listing for details.

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