Did you know that 1 in 3 workers say they’re not proficient with the technology tools they rely on to do their jobs?

Studies support this notion, indicating that workers use a small fraction of the technology available to them, relying on basic-level approaches that fail to keep pace with new solutions and efficiencies. Factor in that the lag in proficiency costs your business nearly $20,000 per employee in lost productivity and it’s easy to see the immediate need to rectify the situation.*

To survive and thrive in a rapidly-changing tech environment, there is a critical need to help improve workers’ awareness, access and mastery of computer applications. Vitalyst offers a customer-centric approach to improving usage by providing software coaching to help answer questions regarding how to use applications proficiently.

Our on-demand advisors are available 24/7 as a standard offering within your corporate service desk menu of services, directly through your existing support access line or a separate toll-free number. In addition to our standard phone support, our advisors are also available via email and chat. For a more personal, on-site presence, we can provide software coaching via the Productivity Optimization Desk™ (POD™) or via floor coaches. We can also provide a value-add Call-out Program service where our advisors proactively reach out to users based on your company’s needs.

These options give employees access to advisors who can field basic, intermediate and advanced calls regarding how to use different features on a broad range of common and proprietary business applications and multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Office applications, customer relationship management software and Windows. Our advisors also field calls on how to use applications on a broad range of devices as well.

With the knowledge and capability to field questions on more than 120 applications across numerous devices and platforms, as well as in multiple foreign languages, on-demand advisors help solve problems and not just answer questions. They do so by getting to the root of a caller’s problem, identifying unmet needs, and following up with additional resources to reinforce the knowledge needed to resolve the problem.

Imagine the possibilities of employees maximizing the use of technology tools. For more information on providing your employees with access to on-demand advisors, contact Vitalyst today.