Although updates and changes to the technology utilized by enterprises continues to rapidly advance, the people using the technology are finding it difficult to keep up. This is forming a costly proficiency and productivity gap for business leaders. To correct the problem, businesses need to take a new approach—don’t invest in just the technology, invest in the people for a greater return on investment. At Vitalyst, we understand that rapid advances and a diverse workforce means business leaders need a variety of services aimed at helping employees be proficient. That’s why productivity is at the core of each service offering Vitalyst provides. 

Components of our Productivity Solution

Enhanced How-to Support

In a rapidly changing tech environment, there is a critical need to help improve workers’ awareness and mastery of computer applications. Vitalyst offers a customer-centric approach to improving usage by providing enhanced how-to support to help answer questions regarding how to use applications proficiently.

Training Services

Help improve employees’ proficiency and enable them to build skills with flexible training options for increased productivity.

Self-Help Resources

Government ITProblems or frustrations with software applications create productivity gaps, and worse, disruptions and aversion to adoption of new approaches. By offering self-help resources and immediate access to information that is personalized to different consumption and learning styles, Vitalyst is able to help organizations provide a cost-effective support option.