New technology is a costly but often needed investment for your company to digitally transform. If new technology deployments are not properly supported, return on the technology invested might never be fully realized. Migration failures and low adoption rates are key features that make migrations a time of high risk and high visibility for IT leaders. If you are looking to embark on digital transformation by deploying cloud technology such as Office 365 or Windows, or moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook, don't let productivity levels of the enterprise suffer because of low user adoption and lack of proficiency.

At Vitalyst, we believe a successful migration journey is achieved through a focus on the end-user. We have put in to place a full program where you can minimize business disruption, increase adoption and realize a bigger return on investment. Our solution gives you the ability to make continuous adjustments to the deployment, get users up to speed quickly and allow time for them to not only learn how to use the new technology, but maximize its use.

Components of our Migration Solution

End-user Adoption Services

By taking a human-centric approach to technology deployments, Vitalyst offers a variety of options aimed at providing users the best possible experience that leads to increased adoption.

Technical On-demand Support

Vitalyst frees up your IT staff by managing deployment-related questions from end-users. Whether they’re having difficulty accessing the new application or are locked out of their account, our advisors are there to get users back on the path to productivity. Employing a fully scalable support model around Managed Help Desk Services, Vitalyst ensures that call flow remains stable and downtime is minimized—even if an unexpected issue triggers a spike in call volume. You can also utilize our Productivity Optimization Desk™ (POD™) and set up an on-site walk-up center to field technical questions.

Migration Communications

To successfully implement a technology deployment, you need a robust communications package to connect with your project team and your end-users. This will ensure a seamless transition and maximized adoption of the change. The communications package includes, electronic and print communications, as well as migration planning resources. Additionally, a Communications Champion will help manage and deliver the communications package by developing a launch and awareness plan, coordinating the creation of all communications and following through on timely distribution.

Trend Reporting

Continuous communication with a dedicated migration analyst serves as a key safeguard for your organization because adoption issues are identified and talked about—allowing you and your team to adjust the plan, as needed. Through real-time information exchange, continuous feedback cycles, reporting and analytics, as well as coordinated migration messaging, the analyst is solely focused on ensuring that information is made available for a smooth and seamless migration.