Instructor-led training (ILT) is still the most popular form of training business leaders provide. Seventy percent of leaders rely on ILT, with 55% delivered classroom style, and 15% virtually.* That’s because ILT allows for social interaction and encourages collaborative learning. The remaining 30% of leaders provide other means of training or no training at all.

At Vitalyst, ILT is our strength. We can design and deliver custom programs—available through in-person group or one-on-one sessions, as well as live webinars—tailored to your specific requests, technology environment or corporate culture. Our IT trainers are the same advisors who provide daily software coaching by answering how-to questions—on over 120 software applications—to a global business user audience. This insight means your employees benefit from trainers who are not only able to speak to theoretical cases, but also to real-world, everyday user issues. Plus, Vitalyst can boast of being the only training organization that can dispatch a training force—comprised wholly of our employees—to multiple training engagements both nationally and internationally, simultaneously.

*Source: ATD Research – State of the Industry 2014 Report