IT-related issues can prevent employees from doing their jobs. If the network is down or an employee is locked out of their account, the first call is to the enterprise help desk. However, many service desks are not in a position to handle the high impact or high volume of calls when something is not working the way it was intended. That’s because service desks are charged with not only handling these types of employee requests for assistance, but also, keeping up with highly-technical day-to-day tasks to keep the organization running.

Vitalyst has helped many clients relieve the burden on their service desks with our Managed Help Desk Services. We use a phased approach to service delivery and our advisors are ITIL-compliant and have the expertise, experience, business empathy and training to ensure client satisfaction.

Whether you’re a global or regional company, need 24x7 or after-hours/overflow support, or seek one or a combination of the services below, Vitalyst is your answer.

Components of our Managed Help Desk Services

Password resets and account lockouts

Our in depth experience experience enables us to offer two essential packages based on best practices for password reset management. Whether you have a web-based password management tool deployed—such as Hitachi, Oracle or SPECOPS—or are accessing Active Directory through Citrix, one of our standard offerings can help:

  • Increase productivity by minimizing users’ downtime
  • Minimize costs related to providing continual password reset assistance
  • Free your IT team to handle the highly technical aspects of IT support
  • Increase adoption of the self-help solution you’ve provided to reset passwords
Triage of incidents

We intake calls and assign tickets for resolution using the same escalation standards your employees are already used to. With our fully scalable staff, we are a cost-effective option to fielding calls to the service desk. We can serve as an extension of your service desk with our after-hours support, or help improve SLAs by providing overflow support. Whatever your need, with Vitalyst, you can catch critical issues that cause your company unnecessary downtime. Plus, we can help manage the call volume to your service desk so your team can focus on the highly-technical day-to-day tasks.

FAQ support on standard and proprietary applications

For many corporate service desks, the bulk of calls received are comprised of a few frequently asked questions (FAQs). To help free up the time of your service desk staff so they can deal with business-critical functions of the business, Vitalyst offers two standard packages for answering FAQ support calls. The first package gives you the flexibility to provide Vitalyst with the FAQs and solutions that your service desk fields on a regular basis. So, rather than having your service desk staff address calls, your employees get direct access to one of our on-demand advisors who will answer the FAQ. Plus, we use our own ticketing system and standard escalation processes to handle the calls. With the second package, Vitalyst will field and escalate any and all FAQ-calls in the same manner as the first package, but answers to FAQs will be found through direct access to your knowledgebase. FAQ support on standard and proprietary applications is available with both packages.

Full-Service Proprietary Application Support

Some businesses leverage proprietary software, such as a customized customer relationship management (CRM) applications or an intranet application built in-house. And if they do, the service desk needs to be equipped and ready to handle support calls regarding it. By serving as an extension of your help desk, Vitalyst can take the burden off your service desk and field these calls. Working with your internal subject matter expert, Vitalyst ramps us quickly via a rigorous training program to learn the proprietary software. From there, we develop an internal training program to ensure any new employees Vitalyst brings onto the project understands the software for superior support delivery to your employees.

Network/Printer/Remote Access support

Vitalyst helps ensure that your employees experience minimal downtime due to issues accessing the network from a remote location—such as via VPN or Citrix— difficulties connecting to company resources or need help troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections.  Whether your needs are after-hours or on an overflow basis, Vitalyst can help provide support on calls, as needed.

Operating system support

An operating system is the most important software to power your users’ technology tools. Needless to say, when it’s not running or working properly, your employees are stuck in a productivity rut. To ensure your employees are able to get up and running from any issues related to their operating system, Vitalyst fields support calls ranging from technical functionality to its proficient use.