Business leaders rely on their internal service desks to deal with all things “technology”—from an inability to access a network drive to keeping up with the pace of technology releases, to ensuring systems are up and running. But when you need help with a range of short- or long-term, customized projects, you may find your service desk doesn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to accommodate such requests.

Very specific needs like trend reporting, file remediation, and more, require a dedicated resource. 

Components of our Custom Project Services

Trend Reporting

Continuous communication with a dedicated migration analyst serves as a key safeguard for your organization because issues are identified and talked about—allowing you and your team to adjust the plan, as needed. Through real-time information exchange, continuous feedback cycles, reporting and analytics, as well as coordinated migration messaging, the analyst is solely focused on ensuring that information is made available for a smooth and seamless migration.

Application-Specific Projects

Whether you need to convert code for an updated version of Microsoft Office using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), or create and publish enterprise-level data visualization in Tableau, we have the experts to help.

Sample application-specific projects:



  • Build or update databases
  • Build, customize, or update queries, reports, and other objects
  • Create forms for data entry and modification, or navigation


  • Convert files after (or better, prior to) migration to Office 2013/2016 or Office 365
  • Build solutions for data analysis
  • Build visualizations for data reporting


  • Build complex tables or forms
  • Update formatting to be consistent using styles
  • Convert PDF files to editable Word documents
  • Combine separate documents into one master


  • Develop or modify SharePoint sites (i.e. SharePoint designer, InfoPath form and Access web services)


  • Create interactive dashboards and reports
  • Extend relationship support for data to provide robust analytics
  • Integrate with SharePoint or Power BI web services for sharing of dashboards and reports across the enterprise


  • Create enterprise-level data visualizations
  • Assemble interconnected KPIs (interactive charts, contextual filters, etc.)
  • Create geographical visualization components (heat maps with custom geographical data sources)


  • Convert code for Office 2013/2016
  • Automate simple or complex processes on one or multiple applications
  • Create custom functions to achieve business goals for off-the-shelf applications