The Problem

At Vitalyst, we recognize that technology is the most fundamental, yet challenging tool businesses rely on. Thanks to the fast pace of tech innovation, the average office worker has more power on their desk—or in their pocket—than ever before. Yet, as technology continues to evolve, end-user productivity struggles to keep up—creating a proficiency gap.

To survive and thrive in this tech dynamic, there is a critical need for businesses to take a human-centric approach to technology. By doing so, business leaders can Unlock the Value in the Tech/Human Relationship and discover a new framework for multiplying productivity through technology.

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We have developed a methodology—the Vitalyst Productivity Multiplier Model™—to help business leaders identify the four key value drivers of productivity. When used in conjunction with our Vitalyst V20 Productivity Index™, which measures a baseline productivity score, business leaders can determine a strategy for ongoing support and services to ensure maximum productivity output.