With enhancements to Windows 10 to take place on a more constant, rolling basis, companies will face a higher demand of support with ongoing employee software coaching and training programs.

In a recent interview by TechTarget, CEO Nick Wilkinson notes how Vitalyst’s continuous coaching model will ease organizations concerns about Windows 10 adoption and increase end-user proficiency and productivity.

Vitalyst is an IT services company that specializes in software coaching for Microsoft OS and Office applications as well as more than 120 other core office applications. The partner, which also offers managed help desk services, has been through many iterations of Microsoft’s OS and Office applications upgrades.

Nick Wilkinson, CEO at Vitalyst, said the company is ready for Windows 10 coaching with training, classes and webinars. While the new OS presents users with a moderate amount of change, it’s not drastic for users. What will have an impact on his business is the as a service, or continuous, upgrades for Windows.

“With that trigger [new version upgrades] going away, the technology is not going to sell itself anymore. We’re all going to have to be very focused on the business goals and the value of what we’re bringing forward,” he said.

In the case of Vitalyst, when the big version upgrades go away and the fork lifting of moving from one application to another goes away, end users could become masters of the software they use. That’s not the case today, according to Wilkinson. “According to our research, one in 10 users grade themselves as masters of the software they have to use,” he said.

The continuous coaching model used at Vitalyst becomes more relevant in this new climate, the CEO contends. “We see the benefits across the board: Individuals benefit by knowing the software and are more likely to use it; being more proficient means greater job satisfaction,” he said. Taking that a few steps further, better-trained individuals mean more productive, motivated and innovative groups that ultimately benefit the company.

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