When Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 update, many users were delighted to see the return of the Start button. But the honeymoon phase lasted only a quick second, as users demanded more.

8.1 and the Return of the Start Button

For 8.1, Microsoft brought back the beloved Start button (bottom left)

Here we are again with another update in the works, and Microsoft is hoping this one will deliver delight with a bit more longevity. From what the tech press is reporting about improvements for Windows 8.2 (or Windows 9, or “Threshold,” as it is being called), the company has a chance.

Here’s the rumor rundown on 8.2: According to reports, Microsoft will bring back the full start menu for the next release, and will make it possible for users to run Metro/Modern mobile apps in floating windows on the desktop. Writer Paul Thurrott provides a clear overview and interesting backstory in these two articles:

  1. Further Changes Coming in Windows “Threshold”
  2. Big Changes are Coming to Windows

We’re still a long way away from the new version’s actual release (some reports say 2015). We’ll keep you posted on the developments.

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