Enterprise IT has experienced unprecedented change in the past few years. Consumerization of IT, cloud computing, an increasingly mobile workforce and other factors have forced the traditional IT department to abandon its old tactics and embrace more agile approaches to managing enterprise computing.

Future roles of IT pros

Future IT pros will need strong interpersonal skills, and be able to quickly learn how to help users on a range of devices. (Click to view article in PDF format.)

And there’s more change on the horizon, writes Brian Madocks, Vitalyst CEO, in the November/December 2013 issue of HDI’s SupportWorld magazine.

In an article titled “Help Centers: The Future of Enterprise IT Support,” Madocks describes the help desk of the future as “a hybrid virtual and physical help center with a very different composition of resources available to support business users.”

These new help centers, he writes, will be “highly attuned and responsive to individual business user needs, and highly commended and valued by the business.” They will play a critical role in continuous enterprise productivity enhancement.

Some organizations are already embracing these new models, Madocks notes. For those that aren’t there yet, he offers suggestions for transforming into a help center of the future.

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