Toward the end of 2012, ARCADIS was beginning work on an enterprise-wide upgrade from Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP to Office 2010 and Windows 7. Our IT department had engaged Vitalyst to provide application support for the company’s business users as we migrated. During the planning of the migration, our IT group brought to our attention that templates and forms created in Office 2003 applications would need to be converted and checked to ensure that they worked properly in the new versions.

This was an important consideration; over the years, our communications department had created a lengthy list of templates for our employees to use for everything from reports summarizing our work to presentations that would help win more work. These templates were built in various Office applications – including Word, PowerPoint and Excel – and the gravity of the updating process hit home – hard. Not only did we need to convert templates, but we also had to make sure that macros and other related template features would function smoothly and that all of the correct templates were available for each of the brands we were using.

As with most communications departments, ours runs in overdrive, and we simply did not have the internal resources to get this project completed promptly. Also, while proficient with Office applications, our people are not necessarily experts. We would need more time than was available.

 In the same way our clients turn to us for resources and expertise to supplement their own, we utilized Vitalyst to supplement our team.

With Vitalyst already supporting the corporate migration for ARCADIS, we decided to leverage the experts there to help us with our template conversions. Over a period of roughly one month, they converted more than 200 templates for us. Their process included updating the template, checking to ensure that any macros, styles, auto text items and other features carried over, and that any objects which existed in the older templates but were no longer available in the new release were upgraded to the newer version equivalent. They then tested the documents as a hypothetical user to be sure everything worked properly before sending back to us for our users to test. Finally, they helped us to standardize all of the templates into our newest brand guidelines (fonts, colors, logo, and other thematic elements) for a consistent look and feel.

Working with Vitalyst was a smooth process, and we were very satisfied with their responsiveness and overall client service. Several of us in the department, including our VP, have since recommended Vitalyst to others. In the same way our clients turn to ARCADIS for resources and expertise to supplement their own, we utilized Vitalyst to supplement our team. The result was near seamless integration into our team. Vitalyst stood in – for all intents and purposes – as an extension of our own internal team.

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