As part of our year-end coverage, we could prattle on about the impact BYOD will have on the workplace in the coming year, or even take a misty-eyed look at the trends that shaped 2012. We don’t think you will be too interested, however; the posts that grabbed our readers’ attention most in 2012 offered practical information — tips and tricks, for iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

We will be offering up reviews and predictions in the coming weeks, but, for now, we’ll give you what you want — our top 10 tips and tricks posts of 2012.

Happy productive new year.

  1. Productivity 101: Setting up Excel Default Formatting
  2. Office on the iPad: Quick Tips
  3. COPE, CoIT, BYOD – Do You Know the Difference?
  4. From PC to iPad: Creating Presentations that Work
  5. OneNote for iPad has Arrived 
  6. iPad How-To: Email Edition
  7. Making Meetings: 4 Top Outlook Tips
  8. Office 2010 Migration: Top 5 End-User Challenges
  9. How-To: Top 5 Most Asked Help Desk Questions
  10. Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Email Cleanup

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