One of the things I enjoy most about my job is getting together with people and talking about how technology can help them be more productive. Getting to where those people are, however, isn’t always so enjoyable. One of the things I hate most about traveling is when I find myself sitting in a rental car wondering how to start it. Usually it is just a matter of the slot you put the key in not being any of the places I expected it might be.

The worst is when the vehicle uses a key alternative. Then I am left sitting there wondering exactly how I am supposed to use this strange device to start a car. If a rental car company was really excellent at customer service, they would anticipate that customers might find the novel starting procedures for that particular model of car frustrating and take steps to prevent their customers from sitting around feeling stupid and running late.

If Windows 8 was a car, it would be a little different to start than what most people are used to.

If Windows 8 was a car, it would be a little different to start than what most people are used to. The parking brake would operate a little differently and it would be a good idea to make sure people knew how to work the wipers before the first raindrop hit the windshield. It would also be helpful to make sure the new drivers are aware that the owner’s manual, with sticky notes on the pages people may need to find quickly, is in the glove compartment.

If rental car companies took the attitude towards new technology in cars that has been evident in some tech people’s reactions to Windows 8, the rental car companies would only carry cars that start with cranks. All technologies, computer and automotive, eventually have to be replaced by newer technologies. When that happens, some people will have to learn new ways to do some basic things. In the case of Windows 8, none of them are difficult and most people would eventually figure them out on their own, but it would be better to save their egos as well as their schedules by making it convenient for them to obtain the minimal amount of training required to get started.

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